How to Pick a Juicer

How to pick a juicer for your home and family with the least amount of fuss. And not knowing which juicer to buy can make you feel uncomfortable.  So what do you need to know about how to pick a juicer?

How do you go about picking a juicer?

How do you make your choice from all the different types of juicers available to buy?
I have tried many juicers and I have my favorites depending on what I want to do.

So what do you want your juicer to do for you? 

  • Are you a very busy person or do you have lots of time to spend juicing?
  • Do you juice often or now and again?
  • What do you want to juice most?
  • Do you want to be able to juice wheatgrass, or fruits and vegetables?
  • Do you need the best commercial cold press juicer?
The right fruit and vegetable juicers are out there waiting for you to buy. All you have to do is to take a bold step forward to buy the product. With the right juicer, you can get busy and finally have those healthy juices you have always wanted to make.
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How To Pick A Juicer And Things To Consider

Juicers are unique devices that add a myriad of benefits to your home and family’s health. You should keep some things in mind when shopping for a juicer.
You want to pick a juicer that can give you high nutritious juices from fresh fruit and vegetables. Pick the wrong juicer and you may be missing out on some advantages that can benefit your body and save you money. See below for some things to consider before you choose the best juicer to meet your needs.

Compare Prices Of Juicers

The market has seven different main types of juicers for sale. And manufacturers are jostling for a large share of the profits. So the price is a very important factor to think about when you are trying to pick a juicer.
So you need to consider the cost and the pros and cons of each juicer before making your final choice. Still, buying a cheap product may not be the right thing to do either because you may live to regret it later.
Cheap products come with plenty of faults, and as a result, your juicer may not have a long life span. Picking the right juicer is important so choose with care.
Some people would rather buy a juicer based on the budget they set. Because they want their machine to last for many years to come they set a higher budget to buy their juicer.
Will it be a cheaper type of model juicer or the more expensive kind? The choice is yours. Make sure you compare juicers because there are differences between juicing machines.
There are juicer guides and buying guides to help you pick the perfect juicer for your needs.

 How easy is it to handle?

A juicer that is easy to handle will make life easy for you when you start juicing. If you find the juicer is awkward to take apart you could have problems reassembling it after cleaning.
Also, if it’s hard to operate you will not enjoy juicing your fruits and vegetables. Instead, you will always feel stressed out when it comes to using it for extracting juice. Juicing for health should not be stressful.

Is The Juicer Easy To Clean?

A clean juicer will produce healthy and nutritious drinks. If you are having problems cleaning your juicer then that can pose a problem to your health. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before you buy. See if the device is easy to disassemble and reassemble.
Find out also if your toothbrush or soft cleaning cloth can go into those hard to reach areas. This will make it easy for you to remove lurking debris. Choosing a juicer that is easy to clean is a plus in your favor and you will enjoy juicing more often as a result.
Can you assemble the juicer without stress? For cleaning purposes, you have to remove all the parts one at a time. Removing the parts may be easy for you but reassembling them might pose a problem to you.
If you do not reassemble it the right way then you could break it when you try to do some juicing. So make sure you read the directions first.

Parts Used On The Juicer

You should make a careful note of the parts used to build the juicer. Find out if the parts are outdated or if you can get them to buy in case you should need new pieces. If new parts are not easy to get, then you might have a problem when the time to replace them comes. Also, check out if parts are dishwasher safe.

Noise Levels Of Juicers

Noise is significant when using your juicer, especially if you are the quiet type. For most people, a noiseless machine is better than a noisy one. Any electric juicer is loud, and the kind of juicer you buy will have an impact on noise levels.
You should consider the noise levels when picking a juicer if you need a quiet machine.
Any twin gear juicer will be less noisy than centrifugal juicers. And the differences between juicing with slow juicers will be self-evident.

Centrifugal Juicers

If you are shopping for a juicer and want to save money, then centrifugal juicers are the best models for you. This product model extracts the juice from the fruits and vegetable pulp at a fast rate. It is straightforward to handle and cleaning the parts will pose no problem to you at all.
If you enjoy daily juicing buy a centrifugal juicer. Because the speed at which it grinds and extracts the juice from the pulp of the fruits will suit your needs.

Masticating Juicers

A masticator juicer operates using a single gear or twin gears. You can consider a masticating juicer to be a top-class juicer in its niche. The masticating juicers use a slow process for extracting juices from the pulp. Masticators operate at a slower rate than centrifugal juicers.
it captures the nutritious enzymes and vitamins still left in the liquid. This is why masticating juicers are often referred to as slow juicers.
Though a single gear juicer is good, you will find one with twin gears is better. Twin gear juicers make superior juices, and the juice yield is far higher. They are perfect for juicing leafy greens and vegetables. They have a low rpm, and they are able to extend the shelf life of the juice.
Masticating juicers are more expensive than the other types of juicers in the market.
But masticating juicers guarantee you 100% wholesome juice.
When looking for a juicer to buy, make sure you buy a masticator juicer. A masticator will ensure you get the best quality juices extracted.

Warranty On Juicers

The warranty is another important factor to consider when choosing a juicer. Before you buy your juicer you should find out if the product has a manufacturer’s warranty attached to it. And find out how long the warranty runs.
A good warranty usually runs for two years or more. And this means that if the juicer should stop working, you do not need to worry. Because the manufacturer-consumer agreement has you covered you can rest easy.
Knowing what you need to think about when buying your juicer will make the process easier for you.
The decision you make when buying your juicer will be good for your health. Your health will benefit because of the type of juice you will produce.
So you can do green smoothies, orange juice, green juice, and fruit juices. It is a complete nutrition center for your nutrition systems. Enjoy your favorite juice recipe daily.
So, keep everything in mind when learning how to pick a juicer and choose the best juicer for your needs. If you need something more simple, there are manual citrus juicers you could check out.
Until then, enjoy your perfect juicer and the boost to your health.


There are a variety of key elements that will influence your decision when buying a juicer. The importance of those factors will vary depending upon your individual needs.
For example, for a few, a juicer’s cost may be the thing that is crucial. When picking a juicer for others size might be a factor.
What do you would like to juice?
If you’re just juicing citrus fruits, you might get a citrus juicer.
You might need a masticating juicer if you want to do wheatgrass.
For juice fasting, pick a juicer that’s heavy-duty enough to juice a wide variety of fruits and veggies without problems.
How simple is the juicer to clean up and also to use? You won’t wish to use it if you can’t pop it apart and clean it. How large is the opening of the hopper of the juicer?
The bigger the opening, the easier you might find the juicing. Does the juicer heat the produce? If so, you’ll be destroying some very nutritious enzymes.
Does the juicer leave the dry pulp from the products and provide a high juice yield?
The juicer might be cheap to buy, but you’ll pay extra in the long term. You will have to buy more produce if it leaves a great deal of juice with the pulp.
Is your machine capable enough for your own requirements? You can get by with a lower quality juicer if you are going to juice now and again.
If you’re into juicing a lot, you may want a juicer with a motor that will last.
How loud is that juicer anyway? Some juicers are louder than others.
Research and choose a juicer that you can afford after considering everything above. Here is a good website that tells you about the types of juicers, their pros, and cons.
Champion Juicers are a fantastic choice if you can afford one.
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