How to Choose A Juicer For The Best Juice

Good Juicers – What Are They and How to Choose a Juicer
Drinking freshly-made juice is an essential element of a healthy diet and lifestyle.
You need to know how to choose a juicer so you can juice many types of different fruits and vegetables. Juicing different combinations of fruit and veg will provide you with many nutrients.
Vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals can get destroyed when you cook fruits and vegetables. The main reason why you should juice fruit and veg is not to destroy all the nutrients and goodness in them.
Click here to see which is the best juicer for leafy greens. Find out how to choose a juicer do you can make the best and most nutritious juice possible.
Juicing allows you to consume an optimal amount of these nutrients in a very short period of time. You are able to get these nutrients without the fuss of cooking.
What you get from juicing is a fresh glass of refreshing juice that is beneficial to your health.
Daily intake of juices can be good for your digestive system and adds to a healthy diet.
The market nowadays is rife with juicers as people use them in almost every household.
But, if you are someone who wants to get the very best, we have a few recommendations about how to choose a juicer.
By selecting the best juicer for your needs, you will get to benefit more from the same ingredients.

How To Choose a Juicer

When choosing a good juicer, you are in fact looking for an efficient and reliable juicer.
You can find juicers in a variety of types and sizes, and they all extract the juice in different ways.
Because of all the choices that are available to you, you want to know how to choose a juicer that will be the best juicer for you. We recommend taking the following points into consideration when picking or choosing a juicer:
  • The speed
  • Chop feature
  • Is the metal frame stainless steel
  • Is it hard to clean
  • Does it have parts that are safe for use in a dishwasher
  • Will you be able to juice the fruit and vegetable you want
  • How much does it preserve nutrients
  • Is it safe to use
  • Can it juice greens that are leafy
  • Does it have a warranty?


Here are the most common types of juicers and what is important about them:

Types Of Juicers

There are 3 main types of juicers to choose from. A centrifugal juicer, a masticating juicer, or a citrus juicer.

Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal juicers are the most used and, the most common.
They are popular because they are very easy to use. Centrifugal juicers are usually an excellent choice if you want to juice greens.
They will provide you with the most nutrition and densest juice.
A centrifugal juicer can juice any fruit and any vegetable with very few exceptions.
They are high-end juicers and are a great choice if you want to make fresh fruit and vegetable juices in no time.
Make sure you get good vegetables to juice, organic vegetables will give you the best quality.
Speed-wise they are very fast, and you can get a fresh glass of juice in a very short period of time.
If you use the juicer every day you will find they are easy to clean. If you compare them to masticating juicers, you can clean them faster and with less effort.
But, you should be looking for a model that you can snap apart and that you can rinse clean with no effort involved.
You should also know that they introduce heat to your juice. Heating up the juice is not good for it.
You should drink the juice immediately after juicing using a centrifugal juicer. Drinking the juice right away means you have the freshest juice possible.
If you worry about a juicer being noisy, we have to admit; centrifugal juicers are a bit noisy.
Yet, they are pretty fast so you won’t even notice the sound because it will last for a very short time.

Masticating Juicers

Masticating juicers are slower compared to centrifugal juicers.
But the masticating juicer will provide you with a healthier juice.
Masticating juicers are excellent at preserving the nutritional value of the ingredients used.
Unlike centrifugal juicers, they can process grassy ingredients such as spinach.
Wheatgrass is also something you will be able to include in your diet. Masticating juicers are an excellent choice for juicing wheatgrass.
By choosing a masticating juicer, you can cut the waste from ingredients because it draws the most out of them.
Using a masticating juicer also allows you to store the juice for longer. Because of the lower rpm that these juicers use they don’t introduce heat to your juice.
By not heating the juice it means that you will lose no nutritional value after storing them for a few hours to a day.
Many of the masticating juicers allow making pasta and food for your baby. You can enhance your masticating juicer with accessories for mincing, grinding, and pureeing.
A disadvantage of masticating juicers is their cleaning feature.
They need more attention when it comes to cleaning, and you might need to spend some time cleaning them.
Because of this, you should look for a masticating juicer that is easier to clean or is dishwasher safe.
Generally, masticating juicers are good juicers to buy.

Citrus Juicers

Citrus juicers are an excellent choice for you as a hand juicer that is easy and straightforward to use
They don’t involve any electricity and scream simplicity!
You can make orange juice or some lemon juice in no time.
Hand juicers, for this reason, are good cheap juicers to buy.
But their capacity is usually small so that you can make at most 2-3 glasses of freshly-squeezed juice.
Another advantage of citrus juicers is that they are easy to use and even simpler to clean. Put them in the sink and wash them like other dishes.
Additionally, when buying a citrus juicer, look for a juicer made of stainless steel. A stainless steel juicer will last you for a long time so you can keep it for as long as possible.
It is easy to clean the juicer after making some fresh juice.
You might want to get an electric type, and these kinds of citrus juicers are much faster.
Electric citrus juicers are somewhere between centrifugal and manual citrus juicers. Electric citrus juicers are easy to use.
Cut your orange or lemon in half. Press the half of your orange or lemon on the reamer and push – it activates the motor and starts spinning.

Conclusion: How To Choose a Juicer

Because no juicer can meet every single need of a consumer, you need to think about what you want one a juicer for. You can judge the quality of a good juicer by looking at what you want to do with it.
In choosing the best juicer, make a few observations in your mind and see which type of juicer fulfills your needs.
Any of the types of juicers that we have described in the previous text can meet the needs of customers. Yet, they cater to different needs. This is why we can conclude that:
  • A centrifugal juicer is best for fast and easy usage
  • A masticating juicer is an excellent choice for those who have time to maintain it to get healthy juices
  • A citrus juicer is best for those who seek simplicity and efficiency when they make their juices
Now you know how to choose a juicer so choose and enjoy your fresh juice every day!  
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