Mushroom Juice Recipe You Should Try

Mushroom juice may sound quite unusual. It might not be the first thing you would think of juicing.

Many people love mushrooms and you have nothing to lose by trying it out. They are inexpensive to buy in supermarkets and juicing mushrooms is just another way of consuming them. Mushroom juice is easy to make and drink.

mushroom juice
Various types of mushrooms

Mushroom juice is quite nice and is very nutritious. You can experiment using different ingredients and you will discover a whole new taste sensation that is good for your system.

Button mushrooms are the most popular type of mushroom. They are available to buy in your local supermarket. Button mushrooms would be the best choice for making mushroom juice.

Are Mushrooms A Superfood?

  • Mushrooms are not plants and do not contain phytonutrients.
  • Phytonutrients are plant nutrients and mushrooms are fungi. Mushrooms are full of nutritional properties.
  • Mushrooms have micronutrients, and they are recognized as a superfood for this reason.
  • Mushrooms do not have a high amount of carbohydrates and they also are a great source of fiber.
  • Mushrooms are full of B-vitamins.
  • B vitamins help to give you energy. They break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. B vitamins also have an important role in your nervous system.
  • Mushrooms are rich in riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and niacin. they are also a good source for getting more iron and selenium into your diet.
  • Selenium is an antioxidant. Selenium helps to protect your body cells from damage and helps strengthen your immune system.
  • Fresh mushrooms are low in sodium and a rich source of potassium. They do not contain cholesterol and virtually no fat.
  • Mushrooms contain a powerful micronutrient called ergothioneine. Ergothioneine is an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory.

So mushrooms because of all their properties could be considered as a superfood. Mushroom juice is a great way to get all the beneficial properties of mushrooms into your system quickly.

Should you wash mushrooms?

While you should wash fruit and vegetables with water you do not need to wash mushrooms. Because mushrooms are soft and they will absorb water if you wash them. Use a small brush with dry bristles to lightly scrub away any dirt on the skin. You can also try wiping them with a moist cloth.

Should you wash sliced mushrooms?

 You should lightly clean mushrooms with a dry bristle brush. Then you can slice the mushrooms if you wish. You do not wash them in running water as they will just absorb the water because they are so porus.

Should you peel mushrooms?

You should not peel mushrooms. You can use a small brush to lightly clean them. Because you can eat the whole mushroom you are wasting good food if you peel the skin.

Are Mushrooms Harmful?

Many varieties of mushrooms are poisonous. You need to know what you are doing if you pick wild mushrooms. You are safer to buy your mushrooms in your local supermarket for this reason.
If the color of the mushroom is different from other mushrooms of the same type you should be careful. The mushroom may not be fresh and could be going off.
You may have a food intolerance and in this case, mushrooms may have an adverse effect on your body. It is a good idea to ask your doctor for advice about consuming lots of mushrooms if you are on medications for various conditions.

Nutritional Value Of Mushroom Juice

Protein – Most mushrooms have a high protein content. If you are a vegetarian they are a good source to increase the protein in your diet.
Fiber: Helps you to lower your cholesterol levels and is important for your digestive system.
Niacin and other important B vitamins: You can get certain B vitamins from the tissue of animals but not in plants. If you are a vegetarian then mushrooms can be another good food for you to get these important vitamins.
Vitamin D: You need vitamin D to help absorb calcium. Mushrooms can help you get more of this vitamin into your body.
Copper: You need copper to help you absorb oxygen to create red blood cells.
Potassium: You need the mineral potassium to help your body to regulate your blood pressure and keeps cells healthy.

Mushroom Juice Recipe

Carrot 50g
Cocoa1 tsp
Shiitake Mushroom (Dried shiitake)1 dried shiitake
Honey1 tbsp
Soymilk 150ml
Try making some mushroom juice and see if you like it. Mushrooms are cheap to buy and are an excellent food source. Another great thing to try juicing is ginger. Click here if you are preparing ginger for juicing.