Making Grape Juice with A Juicer – Recipe and Tips

Consuming grapes can be beneficial for your health. So, if you have a juicer at home or if you are looking to buy one, we recommend making grape juice with a juicer!

If you mix the juice with apple, it will freshen you up, and it can also be a great addition to other vegetable juices.

Grapes have a majority of the essential vitamins and minerals that your body requires. It has vitamin A, B1, B2, C, iron, calcium and potassium.

Making Grape Juice with A Juicer – Recipe and Tips

Additionally, the seeds of grapes contain antioxidants that are good for your health.

Antioxidants can help make your skin look young and smooth. Grape seeds contain OPC compounds (oligomeric proanthocyanidins).

These compounds are useful for regenerating blood vessels and cell walls.

You cannot dispute that adding grapes to your juice improves the taste. As well as improving the taste adding grapes makes the juice very healthy for your body.

For example, try adding an apple in your juicer along with the grapes. Doing this can improve the taste and can make the juice a lot richer.

Additionally, the skin of grapes has a compound called resveratrol. Resveratrol is an excellent cancer fighter. This means that your immune system will be thankful to you if you add grapes to your diet plan.

So, we can see that regular grape intake can enhance your health and benefit your immune system. Making grape juice with a juicer can be a fast way to consume an optimal amount of grapes. This is why we are recommending a few things for making grape juice:

  • Wash the grapes 

Rinsing the grapes before putting them in the juicer is very important.

Because everything these days is sprayed with pesticides and herbicides.

Always try to get organic produce or try growing your own.

These substances are harmful to your digestive system. And that is why you must make sure that you rinse them off.

  • Don’t consume too many grapes if you are sugar sensitive

If you are suffering from diseases linked to sugar such as Candida or Diabetes you have to be careful. It is best to stay away from fruits with high-level sugar such as grapes.


How to make grape juice with a juicer

As we said before, after washing them, you must make sure that you remove their stems. The stems are big, and you will not have problems while doing this process.

In some cases, you might not even need to do this since many new juicers allow juicing the stems as well.

If you juice with a centrifugal juicer, you might need to collect the skins from the basket while juicing. Otherwise, you risk clogging your screen, and the yield can reduce too.

After a few minutes of work, you will get fresh grape juice that tastes very good.

You can also mix it up with other fruits or vegetables. Apples, carrots, and pears are excellent choices. You will get an optimal amount of nutrients in your body, and it will be beneficial for your health.

For those who don’t want a too sweet taste, we recommend adding a few drops of lemon in the juice and a lot of ice cubes.

A drink like this will make sure that you have a fresh start to your day.

And will give you the energy to go through the day with full vigor.

A helpful tip is to swirl the juice in your mouth a few times before you swallow it. This is because drinking grape juice too quick can prevent saliva from mixing with it.

This failure can lead to improper digestion.

For some people, failing to do so can result in stomach cramps, especially if you are fasting.

You can also add a little water to make the juice lighter and less sweet, and you can still get the delicious taste!

When you juice whole grapes you get all the vitamins and minerals from them. You waste nothing and your body will reap the benefit.

You definitely won’t miss any of the nutrients your body needs, and you will give your health a big boost!

Now, we can say a few things about the benefits of regular intake of grapes.

It doesn’t matter which type of grapes you prefer – red, green or purple.

They are all delicious and very beneficial to everybody’s health.

You can consume them in many different ways.

But we recommend making juice from them for several reasons:

You consume an optimal amount of grapes very quick

This is very important because many people don’t want to eat them with their hands because they get dirty.

So, they tend to eat only a few grapes at any given time. Again, this leads to a minimal intake of grapes and their nutrients.


What Drinking Grape Juice Can Do for You

You get the most out of grapes by drinking the juice instead of eating them.

Some people like to remove the seeds or skin the grapes before eating them. But making juice from your grapes provides more nutrients for your body.

And juice is easier on your digestive system. When you eat them like this, you eat fewer grapes and get more benefits. This is why making grape juice with a juicer is the best way.

How to Make Grape Juice

Grapes are one of the higher acid fruits, and the hot grape juice only needs to be processed five minutes in a boiling water bath. Prepare the juice by placing the grapes in a casserole dish and adding boiling water to cover the grapes. Heat and smoked slowly until grape skins are soft, about half

Heat and smoke slowly until grape skins are soft, about half an hour. Strain through a damp jelly bag or double layer of cheesecloth. During storage of grape juice, white crystals frequently form at the bottom of the jar. You can avoid tartrate crystals by allowing the prepared juice to stand 24 to 48 hours in the refrigerator.

Without mixing, pour off the top of the grape juice, being cautious not to disturb the crystals at the bottom of the container. Straining juice through a coffee filter produces a clear juice. Reheat the strained grape juice till the juice begins to boil before pouring it into hot sterilized jars.

Process pints and quarts for 5-10 minutes, and half gallons for ten minutes. Grape juice and apple juice are the only products approved for storing in half gallon jars. To sterilize jars, cover jars with water and boil them for ten minutes. If you live in an altitude above 1, 000 legs, boil the pots one extra minute for each 1, 000 legs of additional altitude.

Sweeten the juice to taste before the final heating. Sugar isn’t needed to retain the grape juice but can be added for flavor. Grape juice might ferment if the natural yeasts weren’t killed during heating and processing.

Grapes are high in yeasts and the peel isn’t removed as in some fruit. The processing of grape juice is just killing microorganisms in the headspace and providing a firm seal. Heating the juice satisfactorily before pouring it into the jar is vital for destroying microorganisms.

Directions for the grape juice produces a more concentrated juice compared to the canning method above. Prepare the juice by crushing the grapes, adding 1 cup water per gallon of crushed grapes, and simmering for ten minutes. Strain the juice as for the grape juice above and let it rest overnight in the fridge for tartrate crystals to settle to the bottom. Pour juice into containers, leaving adequate head space – 1/2 inch per pint and 1 inch per quart in containers with wide top openings and 1-1/2 inches for pints or quarters in jars with narrow top openings. If more tartrate crystals form in the frozen juice, remove them by straining the juice after it melts.



Regular consumption of grape juice gives you instant energy within a short period. Grapes are also perfect for kidney diseases as they decrease the acidity of uric acid.

Grape juice can remove uric acid from your body. This is why you can fight many conditions such as skin disorders, liver problems, etc.

So make sure you protect your blood with a glass of freshly-juiced grapes.


But, you must add only a small amount of grape juice to your diet.  Large quantities of grape juice can be harmful because of the high level of sugar that it contains.

Even though it is natural sugar, it can still be harmful if taken too often and too much.


Furthermore, try to buy fresh and not canned grapes that are often sweetened.  Drink a glass of grape juice every other week.

You will see the positive results on your body – both short and long term. Your body will be grateful!

Get started right away and enjoy making grape juice with a juicer today!


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