What is a Cold Press Juicer And Why Would You Need One?

What is a Cold Press Juicer Used For

If you`re planning to make homemade juice, you should know there are many juicers to choose from. Some of them promise to make more juice. Others promise to use less energy and be more environmentally-friendly.

But in the end, you will have to choose a device which is best suited for your needs. Deciding on the right juicer means that you might need to think about which type of juices you`ll want to make at home, how often and in what quantity.

What is a Cold Press Juicer

One of the main benefits of using a cold press juicer is that you can have juice in the comfort of your own home.

This means you can start your day with a healthy intake of vitamins and minerals. Doing this can boost your energy for the rest of the day. So what are the benefits of using a cold press juicer?

Improved technology

Cold press juicers represent newer technologies which can mean that you can expect healthier juices every day. But how does a cold press juicer work?

The machine makes juice by pressing the fruits with force and squeezing the juice out of the fruits. This method means you`ll have a quick alternative to make juice.

At the same time, this means you`ll have less manageable pulp to work with if you want to use it in smoothies. For example, if you make orange juice with a cold press juicer you can`t use the leftovers in a smoothie without blending them properly.

Cold Press Juicing Better For Your Health

Since the cold press juicer works without heat, the simple extraction technology means you`ll need no heat treatment to make delicious juice. This means you`ll be closer to a raw experience which can keep you healthier, more energized and with an improved immune system.

Although other technologies might still represent a good solution, the cold-press technique has been regarded as one of the purest and healthiest approaches to home juicing.

Cold Press Juicer – Longer shelf life

This little-known benefit to cold press juicing can represent the difference between having fresh juice a few times per week and having it every day. Since technology doesn`t impact the fruits as much with lots of heat, you can expect to be able to store it for up to 5 days.

Thus, whenever you make juice, you can prepare larger quantities which can last for a few days. You can even end up saving money on energy bills if you don`t have to use the machine as often.

Reduced oxidation is one of the main benefits of using a cold press juicer. It adds to the overall value of the device which can be a better choice regarding impacts on your health over the long-term.

Of course, if you juice sparingly, once every few weeks, there will be reduced chances of noticing any real differences compared to other technologies.

Cold Press Juicer vs. Centrifugal Juicer

Cold press juicing has been part of an ongoing debate against the centrifugal technology. It seems that every technology has its own fans, but in the end, the winner might be selected with cold press machines. This is due to a simple reason which is based on the impact of health on the fruits and thus in the juice.

Since cold press technology only squeezes the fruits, it is the closest experience to you manually squeezing the juice from the fruits. Centrifugal technology has been around for some years, but it is now starting to fade.

Of course, cold press technologies are not as widely available as centrifugal juicers. This is because the technology itself is newer. This means it can so be more expensive.

But when you compare the health, benefits, you may end up saving considerably by investing in your health. At the end of the day, the quality of your nutrient intake is what will be a sound basis for any real health benefits.

Even if you can make more juice with centrifugal technologies, it will be down to each juicer to establish the amount of juice you can expect.

This is why it is important to research the brands and models before making a purchase. Since you won`t be replacing your juicer anytime soon, it is worth investing the time to do proper research before you buy one.

Commercial juices

You might be wondering how the juices in the supermarkets end up having a longer shelf life compared to homemade options. It all has to do with pasteurization.

Since you will be enjoying a carton of juice from the supermarket for a longer time than your alternative made at home, you might be tempted to believe that you need to add preservatives to slow down the oxidation process.

But with cold press juices, you will already have a period of up to 5 days in which you can consume the drinks, which means you shouldn`t need any additional times for consumption.

If you want to make the best homemade juice, you will be facing the decision of choosing between a cold press juicer and a centrifugal machine. If you can afford to go with the cold-press technology, you will experience a natural juice which is very close to manually-made drinks.

Since there is no heat treatment to your drink, you will preserve more of its properties. You can have more vitamins and minerals directly into your body which means you can instantly get a boost of energy.

But the real difference will be made with long-term use. Since there is no contact with metal surfaces, you will find the cold press juice is also better for your digestive system.

With so many options to choose from, it will be down to you to find the right machine for your home. If you plan to make juice for the whole family, you will need to consider investing in a larger juicer which can deliver greater quantity with less energy expenditure.

For the moment, the cold press juicers seem to be widely popular. In particular for commercial use where businesses can offer better quality drinks with less effort.