6 Body Detox And Cleansing Myths And Facts Revealed

So you are going to try detoxing and wanted to find out about body detox facts and myths.

Search Google, and you will discover many detoxing diets you can try. You will also find many items or foods that claim to “detox” your body.

A body detox is designed to rid your body of unnatural chemicals and pollutants that are said to damage your liver, damage your kidneys and help you lose weight. Metabolism is the metabolic process in your body used to process food. A metabolism detox involves eating foods that support your metabolisms, such as whole fruits and vegetables, nuts, and whole grains.

Unfortunately, if detoxification were doing such a great job, everyone on the planet would be detoxifying and be getting spectacular results.

body detox facts and myths
Body detox facts and myths

The Body Detox Myth – Why Is Detoxifying Not Working?

If you detoxify and do not do it right, you could be damaging your health. Before you get out the juicer and gather a bunch of healthy vegetables to eat at your next meal, you should think about these myths and facts about body cleansing and body detoxification.

• Detox Myth 1: Detoxification is the quickest way to lose weight.

The truth is that while detoxes do help you by losing weight very quickly, most of the weight that you lose is body water and you will put back on the pounds as soon as you stop doing your detox plan.

A body detox helps you to eliminate stools from your body through diarrhea, and loosing stool mass will cause you to drop weight fast. But when you start eating the stools will build up again in your body. You will only lose so much weight when you are doing a cleansing diet. The best way for you to lose weight is the conventional route — through eating a low-calorie diet and losing the pounds by doing daily exercise. You will find you have an easier time to keep on a diet this way and will see better results in the long run.

• Detox Myth 2: Detox diets are better for you than a diet consisting of exercise and eating a fewer number of calories.

While a diet claiming to be a detox diet can get rid of a few toxins from the body, it won’t help you lose a long-lasting and finite amount of weight. What you should be doing is eating healthy unprocessed foods and going to the gym for some exercise.

• Detox Myth 3: You don’t have to exercise with a detox diet.

While it is possible for you to lose weight with a detox diet without exercise, you are losing muscle mass by engaging in a detox diet and avoiding activity. If you wish to gain or tone your muscles, then by exercising in the gym or doing exercises in your home or outdoors will be the best way to keep your muscles healthy and toned.

• Detox myth 4: You need to consume a lot of exotic juices and avoid eating food when detoxing.

There are many healthy foods which will cleanse your system. You do not need to take in only expensive juices or to eat so little food that you quit eating solids. Instead of juicing your way through a detox diet, you should eat a lot of sesame seeds, leafy green vegetables, and lemons (in a recipe or as the juice).

You can drink green tea by adding it to your diet. Green tea will clean your body out without starving yourself, and it is not expensive to buy. Green tea is a natural detoxification drink for detoxifying, and you do not need to buy a juicer to juice up vegetables and fruits.

• Detox Myth 5: Drinking a lot of water will detoxify your body.

Drinking more water to detoxify your body is a myth, but there is some partial truth to it. Drinking water will help your kidneys and liver to function more efficiently, but if you drink too much water, it can be dangerous for your body.

Drinking too much water can negatively affect the electrolytes in your body and can increase the work your kidneys need to do to in getting rid of all the extra water you are drinking as part of your detox diet. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water while you are dieting but don’t be too extreme with the amount you are drinking.

• Detox myth 6. You only need to go to the sauna to detoxify your body.

After working out in the gym spending some time in a sauna is an excellent way to get rid of toxins, but saunas are not the way to achieve longstanding detoxification. If you spend too much time lounging in a sauna, it is just too easy to become dehydrated. Also, because you are trying to get rid of your toxins by sweating, you can hinder your ability to detoxify your body over time.

While you can start doing detox diets like these having the best of intentions, you need to be aware that it is possible for these detox diets to be dangerous for your body if you don’t do them correctly.

So make sure you are starting your healthy diet and exercise plan in the right way. Lower your caloric content, continue to eat healthy foods in moderation, and exercise hard at the gym or in your home (or outside). By doing exercises, you will keep your muscle mass up and tone your muscles as you help your body to lose weight.

You now have more information about body detox facts and myths to help you choose better choices.