Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Review

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

The Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor uses cold press technology. Using cold press technology this juicer is able to make better juices. These juices are healthier in the long term. Cold press technology is the best choice if you want to juice healthier drinks. You will not use high temperatures when making these juices.

This means your juices will have more vitamins and minerals. The juices will be much better than using a traditional centrifugal juicer to make them.

Better still, the Aicok Juice Extractor uses a slower speed masticating process. This slower speed produces minimal heat, offering you a healthier approach to juicing. Masticating technology is also great if you’re looking to minimize oxidation. With less foam, you’ll be able to get a better quality juice. In real terms, you can expect the juice to last for a few days. The longer shelf life is because there is less heat applied to the process when juicing.


  • Reduced speed of 80 rpm
  • Silent motor performs below 60 decibels
  • Auto-pulp ejection


  • Slow masticating technology
  • Improved nutritional value
  • Reduced oxidation
  • Works with fibrous vegetables


  • Needs small pieces for fibers

Benefits Of The Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

It is a great juicer for the price, easy to clean, and makes great-tasting juice. It also does not need a lot of room on your countertop. So if you have a small kitchen, the Aicok Slow masticating juicers will be perfect for you.

This Aicok is a juicer that you will find is easy to operate. It is also easy to clean and is no problem assembling. You have to use a special tool to take some juicers apart but not with this juicer. The Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is also BPA free.

The Aicok Slow masticating juicer is so easy to clean and put together. It will only take you about 3 minutes to scrub well. You also get a dishwashing tool so that you can clean all the cracks and small spaces.

The Aicok Masticating Juicer is compact and low noise. This masticating juicer can juice fruits and vegetables very well. The pulp residue is also very dry. You can always put the pulp through the juicer a second time if you wish.

The pulp does not spill out like other juicers. This means you will not have to stop in the middle of juicing to clean the pulp from the juice.

This Aicok masticating juicer is excellent for juicing celery. You only need to wash your celery, put the stalks into the slow masticating juicer, and have your juice made.

A 1.25lb bag of celery will give you roughly 16oz of juice as a rough guide.

This Aicok masticating juicer does not produce much heat due to the reduced speed of 80 rpm. So your juices will keep for a more extended period of time. Also, there is not very much foam on the top of your juice, either. The juice looks nice and clean when finished.


Where To Buy Best Aicok Juicer


The Aicok Juicer Extractor has a lightweight design that is perfect for a quick juice. Since it is made of plastic, many users might feel it’s not enough for the best durability. But if you follow the instructions, it will work great, even in the long term. Some other concerns around fibers are also far from the truth. You only need to cut the fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces. Cutting into smaller pieces is how the masticating juicer manages to eject dry pulp.

For softer fruits, the masticating juicer can also produce higher quantities of juice. For bananas, strawberries, or blueberries you should insert manageable pieces into the chute. One of the best ways to see if the juicer is for you is by estimating your needed quantities. So, for example, if you are juicing for the whole family early in the morning, you might need a faster speed. This speed increase can give you increased amounts of juice in a shorter time frame.

The Aicok slow masticating juicer has a great juice yield. But these juicers come with a speed of 80rpm, which is optimized for quality. Since there is less heat applied to the juice, you will be able to get a better drink with reduced oxidation. And this is where the machine performs at its very best. You can have drinks that can last for up to a few days. Especially when compared to centrifugal alternatives.

Juicer Noise Levels

One of the exciting aspects of this slow-masticating juicer comes with reduced noise. If you make juices early in the morning, you know the importance of reduced noise. Reduced noise levels mean you do not disturb other family members with the sound. The good news is that this slow-masticating juicer comes with a capped noise level of 60 decibels.

It manages to do so with a combination of technologies that are based on a slower rotation per minute ratio. So what can you juice? The question you might be asking yourself, especially if you want to juice fibers. The good news is that you can juice just about everything. From apples, bananas, strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, wheatgrass, and greens. You can choose many types of fruits and vegetables to produce the best juices full of nutrients.

Comparison with Cuisinart CCJ-500

One way to measure the performance of the Aicok Slow Juicer is to compare it to other juicers. This is why it is worth considering a minimum comparison with the Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer. The CCJ-500 uses an auto-rotating reamer. This juicer is suitable for certain fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, or lemon.

Because you are looking at citric alternatives, you see from the start that the juicer limits you. You can only make certain types of juice. Compared to the Aicok juicer, it has a stainless steel construction. Although the rotating parts are also made from plastic.

It seems that each product is designed for a specific purpose. The CCJ-500 is ideal for making quick orange juices in the morning. The Aicok slow masticating juicer is a better-rounded product designed for a broader range of fruits and vegetables. It is one of the best slow juicers on the market.

If you’re unsure which juicer to choose, you have to ask yourself if you need anything more than orange juice. If this is the case, you’re better to choose the Aicok slow masticator juicer juicing technology. If you only need your basic orange juice to get that energy boost, you would be better picking the CCJ-500.

Summary of Aicok Slow Juicer Review

The Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is a potent lightweight juicer. But who is it for, and is it for you? The juicer aims to tackle many types of fruits and vegetables. But before you think about any juice combinations, you need to know if you’ll have the time to buy all the fruits and vegetables. Many people are okay with a single option, such as orange juice.

The Aicok slow masticating juicers are also suitable for juicing soft fruits with excellent juice quality. But if you want more, the Aicok juicer might be the perfect solution. Since the Aicok juicers come with reduced sound due to a quiet motor and lower rotations per minute, it is an excellent option for all types of juices. Even mixes between fruits and veggies.

It has the capacity of auto-ejecting dry pulp if used correctly. This auto-ejecting feature makes the Aicok slow masticating juicer a good machine to add more vitamins and minerals to your balanced diet. As with all juicers, you need to make sure your diet is on point in the first place. If you don’t have the right diet in place, it will be hard to replace actual meals with the occasional juice.

But if you have a consistent diet, you can benefit the most from various combinations of juice. Early in the morning, you can have the perfect fruit juice to boost your energy levels. Later during the day, you can have vegetable juice for optimum vitamin and mineral intake.

There are also other benefits to using the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer. It is super easy to clean this model with its plastic materials. Also, the best Aicok juicer is dishwasher safe and can represent a good option for busy families. The Aicok slow masticating juicer technology will ensure the best quality juice each time.