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Editor’s choice of the best masticating juicers

The Best Vegetable Juicers – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

Best Vegetable Juicers – Guide & ReviewsJuicing has become one of the hottest and most popular things to do and it really is not hard to see why it has gained so much popularity over the last several years. In the busy lives that so many of us have, it can be difficult to try […]

Best Pulp-Free Juicer – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

Best Pulp Free Juicer – Guide & ReviewsWhen it comes to pulp, there are some people who love, and those who don’t. If you’re in the latter sector, you may have wondered where you could find a pulp-free juicer. You may have pondered what makes it a pulp-free juicer. There are juicers that don’t produce a […]

Best Auger Juicer – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

Best Auger Juicer – Guide & ReviewsAn auger juicer is an excellent way to get a large amount of juice. It works slower than other juicers to help squeeze out any extra juice. It breaks down fruits and vegetables to produce more juice. They have more minerals and vitamins than other juicers. They’re efficient, extract extra […]

Best Juicer for Greens – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

Best Juicer for Greens – Guide & Review​Find out which is the best juicer for greens and what you need to consider when buying one to handle all your juicing requirements.Juicing green vegetables, especially leafy ones, can be cumbersome, and you may not get a lot of juice with them. That’s why if you’re planning […]

Best Juicer Machine – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

Best Juicer Machine – Guide & ReviewIf you’ve made it this far to start looking at juicers and deciding which one you want to buy, then you’re probably already aware of just how many benefits a juicer can provide. Juicing your fruits and vegetables is a great way to get all of the nutrients and […]

Best Cold Press Juicer by Hurom – Guide & Reviews

Best Cold Press Juicer by Hurom – Guide & ReviewsPicking the best cold press juicer by Hurom is a difficult proposition. That’s not because the products are bad, but due to the history of the company’s commitment to high-quality products. Hurom’s entire mission is to make the best possible slow squeezed juicers for your home.The […]

Best Home Cold Press Juicer – Guide & Reviews

Best Home Cold Press Juicer – Guide & ReviewsDo you love the flavor of fresh pressed juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables?Are you considering making juicing a regular part of a healthier lifestyle?Many people have recognized the health and healing benefits of consuming juices made from the best foods on earth. If juicing is […]

Best Low Speed Juicer – Guide & Reviews

Best Low Speed Juicer – Guide & ReviewsIf you know anything about juicers, you already know that the best juicer you can buy is a low speed juicer. If you don’t know much about juicers, then I’ll be the first to tell you that you’re going to want to buy a low speed juicer.By using […]

Best Vegetable Cold Press Juicer – Guide & Review

A cold press juicer is a good way to extract all the juice out of vegetables and fruits. They help reduce pulp and leave the nutrients you want. Different juicers produce different results, so finding the best one can be overwhelming.If you’re thinking about getting a cold press juicer, but aren’t sure which one to […]